New Year’s Emotions

Can you believe it? 2012 is almost over.

Now here’s a little tidbit on that ancient ritual we all look forward to every year; The New Year’s Resolutions. Did you know that it started in 153 B.C. when the Romans named the first month of the year after Janus, the dual-faced God of Beginnings? He is the symbol for resolutions because he could look backward and forward at the same time.

Always make your New Years Resolutions positive action steps for change. Plan, prioritize and then reward yourself when you have accomplished them.

I’d like to share three of my personal New Year’s Resolutions with you.

  1. Learn Something New – I must admit that I’m addicted to knowledge and am always ready to learn something new that I can then share with others. Some of the most exciting things I’ve learned include painting, pole dancing, ballet, meditation, Shotokan karate, Tantra and BDSM. The emotional feelings that I get from learning something new are a sense of accomplishment, skillfulness, confidence, satisfied, and empowered.  What would you like to learn in 2013?
  2. Help Others – I’m on the board of directors for a charity called Ahead With Horses. AHEAD (Accelerated Habilitation Education And Development) WITH HORSES INC. has an over 40-year history of providing unique, highly motivating and effective therapy, education and recreation through horses and related experiences to disabled/disadvantaged/at-risk/special-needs children and has earned recognition educationally, medically and scientifically.  Through vaulting (gymnastics on a moving horse), even severely disabled children learn and achieve with the goal of enabling them to lead more independent and productive lives. The emotional feelings that I get from helping others is happiness, gratified, valued, rooted, rewarded, purposeful, mindful, inspired, humble, honored, fulfilled, fortunate, and compassionate. How can you help others less fortunate than you?
  3. Balanced Life – In 2012, I worked day and night and felt overworked and under valued; In 2013 I plan to bring greater enjoyment into my life and will make appointments for more fun, romance, travel and even relaxation. I’m also going to give up activities that drain my energy or make me feel unhappy. In fact, I’ve come up with my own criteria to say, “Yes” to offers. For business, my criteria are that it must be fulfilling, rewarding, worthwhile, profitable or highly visible. For my personal criteria, the activity must be inspiring, relaxing, unhurried, harmonious, or fun. How will you balance your life?

Now, list your own resolutions and fulfill them by visualizing the end result of each one and tap into the emotional feelings that you will get from accomplishing them. Turn your New Year’s Resolutions into life-changing goals.

May all your wishes come true for a passionate, prosperous and pleasurable New Year!

Dr. Ava

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