Don’t Lose your Mind over Valentine’s Day

On one of the most exciting days of the year, we find so many people in a state of frustration and anxiety that the true essence of Valentine’s Day can easily get lost.

Can I get the perfect reservation for a romantic evening or did I  wait too long? What can I buy my special someone that will reflect my caring and love? Or did I wait too long for that as well? Will the Chocolates, flowers, or lingerie share my real feelings?

All of these thoughts got me thinking. Where did Valentine’s Day actually come from? Who came up with this brilliant idea? Was it someone with the last name of Hallmark? Actually it was the Romans and it seems when in Rome do as the Romans do.

The Romans came up with this special day in the form of a game show. With the women’s’ names placed in a box, the men would draw from it to find their next female companion for the next year. Perhaps they called it “Box of Fortune?”

This 800-year-old tradition was brought to an end by the Roman Catholics as they wanted to take Valentine’s Day in a whole new direction, so they went Hollywood with an exhaustive casting mission to find the perfect Saint. They wound up choosing Bishop Valentine, who was secretly performing marriage ceremonies. However he paid the ultimate price for fame and lost his head in the process when he was decapitated by the emperor who outlawed marriage because he thought it made men poor soldiers.

So the moral of the story is, if you ever feel you’re losing your mind over Valentine’s Day, make sure you don’t lose your head.


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